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AkvaTera Trenčín be held 29.9.2019

Cordially invite you 29.9.2019 on International Aquarium - terrarium sale exhibition AkvaTera Trenčín. The unique event will be held in the third largest exhibition complex in Slovakia - EXPO CENTER as., Trenčín. Exhibition visitors and exhibitors provide unique conditions for the encounter with those creatures najbizarnejšími, which can be kept at home.

AkvaTera Trenčín be held 29.9.2019 from 9:00-14:00 v priestoroch trenčianskeho výstaviska EXPO CENTER a.s., Pod Sokolicami 43, Trenčín.

In order to promote the breeding of animals Roofing organized for several years selling exhibitions AkvaTera. They meet here breeders from Slovakia, Bohemia, Hungary, Poland and Austria to expose their animals may be interested in buying them. They also offer a breeding tools and other useful products for farmers.

Come and you will see a number of animals, that you will not see in any zoo.

Children up 6 years free entry
Adults - 3,- €
Students, pensioners (above 62 years) and others - 1,5,- €
seller (table + 1 seller) – 5,- €

For more information go to akvateratrencin@gmail.com, trencin.akvatera.info